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Custom Silkscreening Available

We offer you the ability to really make your ride stand out when parked by adding customized silkscreen images to the tank section of your BikeSheath™. There are no minimum orders for pure one-off customization.

Whether it is a military logo, your club logo, or your name, it doesn't matter. Prices as low as $2.95 per logo after artwork fee. Call us at 888-548-5642.

All logos displayed are for example purposes only. They are property of their respective owners. Logos applied to BikeSheath's must have express permission from owners of said logo prior to being applied.

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Custom Logo Artwork Fee
Our Price: $54.95
We offer Custom silkscreen Logos for your organization, group, or club. There is a nominal setup fee, and a very low added cost for this service. We offer up to 4 color logos.