The Perfect Motorcycle Cover for those that Travel

BikeSheath® brand covers are modular in nature so you can cover essential elements of your motorcycle. It is not your typical motorcycle cover; this is more than just a motorcycle seat cover. Other motorcycle covers can take up lots of space or fit poorly. Our basic product is custom fitted protection for your motorcycle seat and tank. We also have covers for Fairings, speakers, saddle bag lids, and backrests. All are completely waterproof and protect your bike from the elements. BikeSheath covers are proudly made in the USA using materials made in the USA. These lightweight covers are compact and include a carry case so you can store it almost anywhere on your bike.

BikeSheath covers are designed for travel, overnight stays, for your motorcycle while parked at work.

BikeSheath covers are machine wash / dry. BikeSheath® brand waterproof motorcycle covers are rain proof, sun proof, dew proof. They are quick and easy to apply so you can use it while your bike is parked at restaurants, rallies, or other establishments. The cover can literally be applied in seconds. For groups, we offer custom silk screening services of your logo on the side of the tank piece. Please contact us if you are interested in having custom logos applied to your BikeSheath brand product.

BikeSheath 2012 Harley Crossbones BikeSheath 2012 Harley-Davidson Fatboy Lo
BikeSheath 2013 Victory Highball BikeSheath 2012 Goldwing GL1800

Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant when you hear the dreaded thunder? With BikeSheath® brand covers, you will not have to scavenge for a grocery sack or trash bag. Your seat, or other essential motorcycle parts will be covered and you will not have to ride home with a wet bum.

Everyone has had the stay at a hotel, come out in the morning and not be able to leave until you wipe down your seat and tank. With BikeSheath brand modular covers, simply cover your seat and tank, fairing, backrest, etc. before going in for the night. Come out in the morning, take off the BikeSheath cover, put it in the bag and you are ready to ride, simple as that.

Normally bike covers are big and bulky and take at least 2 people to get on the bike. They are frustrating to get on the bike and even worse to fold back up; if time is of the essence, forget it. Normally these types of motorcycle covers are just a waste of money since they sit on the shelf in the garage, unless of course, you have your own luggage for your bike cover.

The differentiating factor of BikeSheath brand covers is that it weighs less than 11 oz and will always fit back in it's storage bag. This bag can be folded up and shoved into the smallest crevice or saddle bag. It can even fit in the glove box on the lower fairing of the Ultra Classic in case you are cramped for space. While functional, BikeSheath covers are also eye catching. Its form fit is unique and comes in a variety of colors to match your bike. Unlike other bike or motorcycle covers, you can actually take this with you without giving up valuable space.

There are other lightweight covers out there but they still allow your seat to get wet since they are more tent-like in design. Since BikeSheath brand covers are form fitted to your specific seat and tank, fairing, backrest, etc. it will keep your seat and other components nice and dry. It is great to keep pollen, dust and salt (if you are on the coast) off of your seat too.

Whether you are looking for a cover for your Harley-Davidson, Victory, Gold Wing, or any other model, we have a cover that fits your bike (some exceptions apply).